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Meet our main practitioner

Jane Kiernan EDT

Owner of Eqwise Dentistry

Jane has spent most of her life working with horses and began training as an equine dentist in 2008. She ventured abroad to the United Kingdom to study BSc (hons) Equine Dental Science at Hartpury College and finished her studies in 2012. During her four years in England, Jane worked with the south west of Englands best equine dental technicians and vets including Equine Dental Services and Peasebrook Veterinary Clinic. She has obtained not only practical experience within this time but a knowledge of the science behind dentistry.

At Hartpury she completed many practical exams but is now aiming towards collecting her case studies to complete the British Equine Veterinary Assocaition exams and become a member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians. Ireland currently has no governing body for equine dentists to be regulated by so she has chosen to work under the British guidelines as it is the next best thing.

In her spare time, Jane likes to spend time with horses leisurely. Although it is rare that she is surprised by something new that she has not seen before, she believes that you never stop learning and actively researches new literature and regulations. She believes also that there is a lack of awareness for the need of equine dentistry in Ireland. It is her life mission to preach to anyone that will listen to her talk about how dental care is vital for your horse.


At Eqwise Dentistry we aim to provide all of our clients with the best dental care. We do so while abiding by the British Associations of Equine Dental Technicians guidelines as this ensures each horse receives the same standard of care.

We are based in Co. Dublin, Ireland and cover the entire Leinster Region. We travel to any part of Leinster for any amount of horses and our clients vary from donkey to elite sport horse. We also hold clinics in Co. Tyrone and abroad in the North East and South West of England.

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