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Eqwise Dentistry have an extensive range of dental equipment. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the very best and complete dental care to our clients.


External examination


  • Overall condition of the horse will be assessed
  • Checks made for facial swelling and asymmetry
  • Check for nasal discharge and foul breath
  • Assess joints for sores, swelling and mobility
  • Check for wolf teeth, canines and incisor balance

Inspection of the oral cavity

  • With the use of a gag the mouth will be opened
  • Visual inspection of entire oral cavity
  • Palpation of teeth for symmetry, levelness and sharp points
  • Give the horse a rest


  • Findings will be talked through with the owner
  • Abnormalities such as overgrowths and sharp edges will be removed in the event of a routine dental rasp
  • The first tooth is rounded to remove the risk of pinching of the lips by the bit


The owner will be given after care advice. A dental chart explaining the work performed and future recommendations will be put together and given to the owner on the day or posted out shortly after.

What to expect...

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